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Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos I9082 Elegant White

Specification- GENERAL FEATURES In Sales Package 2 Flipcover (White and Blue Color), Headset, Handset, Data Cable, Battery, Charger Brand Samsung Model Name Galaxy Grand Model ID I9082 Form Bar SIM

Asphalt 8: Airborne v1.2.0m Mod Money Apk FREE

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When and Which Phones will have Android (Kit-kat) Update.

To replicate the present state of play
for smart-phones that are running
on its mobile operating system,
Google has updated its Android
developer portal on last Monday.
When it comes to talk about the
figures, it shows that Android 4.x
rules the market with 60% of smart-
phones and tablets running these
versions. Currently, approximately
1.4% of android devices are running
on the latest version of the OS –
Android 4.4 KitKat update.
As we all know that the all new OS
was introduced on the Nexus 5 at
the end of October month. However,
three months later Sony is still
launching its smart-phones with the
older Android 4.3 version (Jelly
Bean). One of the main reasons
behind this that all the
manufacturers and networks wanted
to test and tweak the software before
they launch it in the market in the
front of you.
Well, there are lots of people, who
don’t care about the new update
and some are there, who care and
reaming ones are still running the
updated software. Here, you can find
a complete list of the well-known
devices from different manufactures
so that you will get complete
information like when to launch and
which phones from which
manufacturers, etc.
Now, most of the people worldwide
know that Motorola is now a Google
company, so all the people can
expect that the company’s phones
will quickly get updates to KitKat.
This week, we have already seen a
budget Moto G that getting the
KitKat update while the Moto Z is
expected to launch in the UK with
its latest version of Android.
When it comes to pre-Google
Motorola phones, the Droid family
has already begun to get the update
in December in the U.S, but the
update soon face the problem.
Currently, there is no news about
updates to the Droid smart-phones
in the UK.
Being the manufacturer of the Nexus
5, LG’s Nexus 5 is running on
Android 4.4 from the launch, but
the company’s popular model LG G2
is still running on older version of
the OS. The company announced
that its plans for KitKat is only for its
home territory and for the world, still
the company has not decided.
However, lots o people have seen a
YouTube video, showing a LG G2
device that running on KitKat with a
renovated interface. While, there are
no many details obtainable about
the device like when the update is
coming to the UK.
Samsung is one of the biggest and
most popular smart-phone
manufacturers that provide a
complete range of Android smart-
phones with different price tags,
sizes and shapes. News is coming
that company’s premium smart-
phones will surely get the update,
but mid-range devices will not.
Currently, the only phone that got
an update is the Galaxy Note 3. As
per the latest reports, the most
advanced device Galaxy S4 will get
the update later in this month, so
users just crossed their fingers and
wait for the update.
Recently, Sony also announced that
its major smart-phones and tablets
like Xperia Z, Xperia ZL, Xperia Z
Ultra, Xperia Z1 and more will surely
get an update to Android 4.4, but
the company still not declares when.
Last week at CES, the company has
launched the Xperia Z1 compact,
and this device will launch in the
next month, but it is going to run
on Android 4.3, so Android KitKat
update is still surely a little away.
Being one of the leading Japanese
multinational consumer giant, Sony
has confirmed that the roll out will
be “phased”.
Rest Ones – Asus, ZTE, Huawei and
Currently, the market is full-of
Android smart-phones
manufacturers, who are introducing
different types of android smart-
phones with different prices, sizes,
shapes and features. Not all of these
manufacturers are popular in the
market, but some of the, but which
manufacturer is going to roll-out
with the trend.
Chinese smart-phone manufacturers,
Huawei and ZTE become major
players in the global market;
however, the companies are
producing more premium smart-
phones than previously. Still, these
companies didn’t say anything about
the phones to get android 4.4
Google’s partner for the production
of the Nexus 7 tablet, Asus, a
leading Taiwanese manufacturer, is
already got the update Android 4.4,
but the company does not show any
green signal for its Asus’ line of
Transformer tablet update.
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CES 2014 – iSense 3D scanner for iPad Released by 3D Systems

On 7th January, 2014 iSense 3D
scanner is previewed by 3D Systems.
iSense 3D scanner is a latest 3DS
consumer scanner for iPad that
comes with seamless 3D printing
optimization and best for physical
photography to empower users to
easily click moments in every
dimension. This remarkable gadget
powered by Structure Sensor
technology and created for 3DS by
Occipital that can be used on
anything. Users don’t have to stand
motionless or place an object into a
box as needed with other 3D
Using iSense is very easy for anyone;
one can have to attach this device
with an iPad and have to scan entire
objects or environments to get a
photorealistic copy of the real thing.
The best thing is it powered by the
same software as 3DS’ popular Sense
scanner. iSense 3D scanner is seen
at the 2014 International CES in Las
Vegas, NV for the first time in the
3DS booth 31424 LVCC South Hall.
Rajeev Kulkarni, Vice President,
General Manager, Consumer
Products, 3DS expressed his feeling
and said, “We are excited to bring a
sleek new physical-photography
device to iPad lovers the world over.”
He also added, “iSense has the most
diversity in its class for scan size
and can capture everything from a
delicious cupcake to a full body
selfie, processing in seconds to a 3D
printable, and comes with powerful,
intuitive software that lets the user
crop and enhance with easy and
automated tools.” This gadget, the
iSense incorporates with Cube®
family of consumer and prosumer 3D
printers. One of the best things
about this amazing device is it offers
direct upload options to
for cloud printing in a range of
materials like Clear, Ceramix, and
Aluminix. It is also supportable with
apps that designed for Occipital’s
Structure Sensor.
Moving towards the cost, it is
available $499 and will be reached
to the market during the second
quarter of 2014. Users can have this
on and many other retail
stores worldwide.

Are Android Desktops Replacing Windows?

There is nothing new in Android as a
PC operating system as it is an
extremely old idea. Recently,
Samsung has declared a dual-boot
Windows 8.x/Android convertible
tablet in June 2013. News are also
coming that Intel and its partners
are going to announce “PC Plus”
devices that will run on Android
applications on top of Windows 8.1
at CES.
But, Lenovo as well as HP has
something very new and innovative
for its customers as they are going to
replace Windows PC entirely with
Android desktop. HP also declared a
new line of Android 4.3 powered
enterprise PCs at CES, once a
Microsoft support. The entire line of
Android 4.3 powered enterprise PCs
are coming in a plethora of formats.
HP 205 AiO: HP 205 All-in-one
is another announced PC that
runs on AMD processors and
starts at $449. It is come to
know that the display is 18.5
ProOne 400 AiO: When it
comes to ProOne 400 AiO, it is
all-in-one PC that has 19.5-
inch display, which starts at $
749. It is expected that the
device will be obtainable from
Feb 3 and it is tailored for
video as well as audio
conferencing. Running on the
latest Intel Core processors, it
is feature-rich PC. However, a
21.5-inch version will be
obtainable from 31st March for
HP Pro x2 410, which is a
commercial notebook with a
separable screen so that users
can use it as laptop or tablet
as well. This all new notebook
obtainable for $899. The
screen of this notebook is 11.6
inches and there is a full-size
keyboard also.
Another great option is HP 200
MicroTower that uses Intel
Pentium or Celeron Processors
and it comes with beautiful
design that has easy to port
access. These are obtainable
starting from $349.
We cannot say that it is just a single
line of PC, but it is complete
collection of business PCs. HP is in
dead earnest as the company is
looking at Android as a mainstream
desktop operating system. Recently,
HP also proposes that workers can
also make use of Citrix Receiver for
Windows application support so that
they can deal with the Windows
legacy software problem.
However, receiver is the remote
desktop program that widely used to
serve Linux, Windows and Unix
applications for desktop operating
systems. While Lenovo is one such
company that is taking different
slope. Being one of the most popular
companies, Lenovo offering Lenovo
N308, which is an AiO desktop for
home users.
This new desktop comes powered by
a Nivdia Tegra Quad processor. It is
using Android 4.2 and has a 500 GB
of storage, keyboard, an integrated
battery with 3 hours of life, a
Webcam, mouse and more. The best
part of this desktop is that it has a
19.5-inch display. Lots of people are
thinking that that the HP and
Lenovo are betting that users will
feel more secure with conventional
desktop operating system model as
compare to Linux and cloud-based
Chrome OS.
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